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What are people searching for and where are they looking?
We know that knowledge workers spend a large percentage of their time looking for information. What are they looking for and where are they looking? In fall 2007, we set about trying to find out. In conjunction with KMWorld and IDC’s Technology Advisory Panel, we asked participants to tell us how long they spent searching, what their typical questions were, and where they went (online or print) to find the information they needed.
– by Susan Feldman

KM on the road: mobile applications
No matter how light a laptop is, carrying it around, opening it and booting up is never entirely convenient for a mobile knowledge worker.
– by Judith Lamont

ECM: New facets of a changing market
Enterprise content management (ECM) is an increasingly complex sector of knowledge management, with new options and issues arising steadily.
– by Judith Lamont

KMWorld 100 Companies That Matter in Knowledge Management 2008
So why do these companies matter? Not necessarily because they are the most innovative, but that’s a factor. Not because they are ahead of the curve on Enterprise 2.0 initiatives, but that’s also a factor.Not because they are the most financially successful (that’s not a factor), and not because they have the most efficient marketing engines—that’s not a factor either.We have long held that the true essence of knowledge management is an attitude, a single-minded commitment to improvement.
– by Hugh McKellar

View From the Top:

  • A2iA 
  • Astute Solutions
  • Clearview
  • Collexis Holdings Inc.
  • Connectbeam, Inc.
  • Connotate
  • eGain Communications Corp.
  • Exalead Inc.
  • Exsys Inc
  • Global 360
  • Intellisearch
  • ISYS Search Software
  • JustSystems
  • KANA Software, Inc.
  • Kroll Ontrack
  • Mediasurface
  • NextPage
  • Noetix Corporation
  • Northern Light
  • PaperThin
  • QL2
  • SAVO
  • Siderean Software, Inc.
  • Sinequa
  • SpringCM
  • Teragram
  • TOWER Software
  • Ultimus
  • Vital Path
  • XyEnterprise
  • Xythos Software
  • ZyLAB


The deep and delicate art of ECM
The enterprise content management (ECM) market is at a critical turning point where it must prove itself or be lost altogether. Over the last 20 years, widely disparate business demands for content management, the stubborn resistance of antiquated practices, widely different methods of handling content, technology growing pains…
– by Jim Murphy

What’s wrong with being right?
Education. Government. Media. Business. Science.That’s the Jeopardy answer to the question, “What are five institutions whose value comes to a large degree from providing authoritative knowledge?”
– by David Weinberger

One size does not fit all with search engines
– by Stephen E. Arnold

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