Knowledge and Process Management, 15 (1), 2008

Anonymous knowledge sharing in a virtual environment: a preliminary investigation (p 1-11)
Simon Burnett, Lorraine Illingworth

Conflicting epistemic cultures and obstacles for learning across communities of practice (p 12-23)
Bjørn Erik Mørk, Margunn Aanestad, Ole Hanseth, Miria Grisot

Strategic processes @ Nike – making and doing knowledge management (p 24-31)
George Stonehouse, Sonal Minocha

Knowledge management for corporate entrepreneurship and growth: a case study (p 32-44)
Fátima Guadamillas, Mario J. Donate, Jesús D. Sánchez de Pablo

Generational differences in soft knowledge situations: status, need for recognition, workplace commitment and idealism (p 45-58)
Peter Busch, Krishna Venkitachalam, Debbie Richards

A process-based classification of knowledge maps and application examples (p 59-71)
Martin J. Eppler

A discussion and test of a communication flow optimization approach for business process redesign (p 72-85)
Ned Kock, Azim Danesh, Paul Komiak

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Copyright © 2008 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.

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