Knowledge Management Research & Practice, 6 (1), 2008

Editorial  1-4
John S Edwards


Stuff or love? How metaphors direct our efforts to manage knowledge in organisations  5-12
Daniel G Andriessen

On doing knowledge management  13-22
Joseph M Firestone

Implicit knowledge  23-25
Carl Frappaolo

Back to the future for KM: the case for sensible organisation  26-30
Helen Hasan

In search of a missing link  31-40
Clyde W Holsapple and Jiming Wu

Some directions for research in knowledge sharing  41-46
Jonathan H Klein

‘Think of others’ in knowledge management: making culture work for you  47-51
Jay Liebowitz

Managing personal human capital for professional excellence: an attempt to design a practical methodology  52-61
José Maria Viedma Martí and Mihaela Enache


Management knowledge and knowledge management: realism and forms of truth  62-76
John Mingers

A review of the main approaches to knowledge management  77-89
M Begoña Lloria

Auditing knowledge management practices: model and application  90-99
Meliha Handzic, Amila Lagumdzija and Amer Celjo


Kant’s reciprocity of sensations and concepts   100-101
Heiner Müller-Merbach

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