Melcrum’s Knowledge Management Newsletter, 2/2008

Alex Manchester
Make your intranet useful, then usable
Knowledge Management Newsletter, March 6th, 2008

Abstract: In the latest issue of KM Review, Aidan Cook says that “most organizations have intranets that might best be described as failures.”
Cook says this is because, too often, those organizations set a series of lofty goals for their intranets that sound great at the time, but which haven’t really been thought through, and are certainly never delivered by the project teams.
If you’re looking to overhaul your intranet, you need to find out what will be useful to the people that you want to use it and then you have to make it usable.

Hereare five tips from Cook on how to improve your intranet.


Alternative source: KM Review, Volume 2005 – 2008 on HighBeam

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