Necessary principles, approaches and tools for Knowledge Management

[Deutscher Titel: Notwendige Prinzipien, Ansätze und Instrumente für das Wissensmanagement]

Young, T.
Knowledge Management for Services, Operations and Production Industries. A practitioners guide. 
Oxford: Chandos Publishing, 2008. 192 p.; ISBN (13 digit paperback) 9781843343240; ISBN (13 digit hardback) 9781843343257″

Summary: This book is aimed at those who are involved in Knowledge Management (KM) or have recently been appointed to deliver KM in services, operational or production environments. The models and techniques for KM are well defined within environments with a distinct start and finish to the activity, for example the ?learn before, during and after? model. This book focuses on environments where activity and learning are ongoing, and a different approach to KM has to be taken. The book aims to provide managers and practitioners with the necessary principles, approaches and tools to be able to design their approach from scratch or to be able to compare their existing practices against world class examples. The book provides models and methodologies which can be applied or replicated in a wide variety of industries. The book also contains numerous case studies which are used to illustrate the journey that various companies are taking as they implement KM

Readership: The book is aimed at: Executives who are contemplating introducing KM into a service, operational or production environment* Managers who are tasked with managing a KM programme in those industries* Practitioners who are tasked with delivering KM in those industries* Academics who seek to understand current KM practice in those industries* Individuals who are seeking to progress their personal development by understanding business re-engineering and process improvement

Key features:

  • Is written by a highly knowledgeable and well-respected practitioner in the field
  • Draws on the author?s wide-ranging practical experience of implementing KM in various industries around the globe
  • Provides practical and realistic solutions to real-world problems via case studies from leading companies including BP, BBC, Orange, Chase Manhattan Bank and General Motor

Author: Tom Young is Chairman of Knoco Ltd. Prior to that Tom was founding member and Principal Coach of BP?s Knowledge Management Team and Virtual Teamworking project. His understanding of cultures and industries and how to successfully interact with them, allows him to be equally at home in the Asia Pacific as in Wall Street

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