[Survey] Call for Participation: Knowledge Management Strategies and Governance

[Deutscher Titel: [Umfrage] Aufruf zur Teilnahme: Wissensmanagement-Strategien und Steuerung]


Suzanne Zyngier (PhD) from La Trobe University, Australia is conducting questionairre research into knowledge management (KM) strategies. This questionaire is unique in investigating the governance of knowledge management which is defined as the implementation of authority to ensure the realization of benefits of KM strategy development and implementation. This new research will overview conditions globally.
This new research is important because it will enhance our understanding of the issues encountered in governance, development and implementation of KM programs. Practitioners and theoreticians need and want to find better solutions to these issues.
This questionnaire comprises 20 multiple choice questions about KM and a section on background information. The questionairre should take approximately 20 minutes to complete. The questionairre site is secured so that only the researcher will have access to the data. The information collected in this research will be anonymous. You will not be asked your name or you organization?s name. Therefore no personal information can be kept.
The analysed aggregate findings of this questionairre will be published in journal articles and presented at conferences.
Your participation is voluntary and you are under no obligation to consent to participate in part or in the entire questionairre. Those who complete the questionairre, and are interested can request a summary of the results of the research. 

Please click the link to take you to the questionaire!

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