Where should Knowledge Management and Organizational Learning go to? Return to the past!

[Deutscher Titel: Wohin sollen sich Wissensmanagement und Organisationales Lernen hin entwickeln? Zurück in die Vergangenheit!]

J.-C. Spender
Organizational Learning and Knowledge Management: Whence and Whither?
Management Learning, Vol. 39, No. 2, 159-176 (2008)

Abstract: Draws together theorizing in learning, organization and management studies in order to consider the nature of the problems by which the practice of knowledge management is animated. Though in places propositional, the points being made remain deliberately suggestive insofar as they invoke a wide-ranging past to consider what might be probable futures. The conclusion invokes a return to the past, in suggesting that the potential for knowledge management lies with its returning to a time when theorizing was grounded in what we now choose to ignore, namely managers’ experiences and practices as they use their imagination in wealth-creating activity.

Key Words: meaning • organizational learning • practice • tacit knowledge • uncertainty

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