A small firm Knowledge Management model derived from the knowledge market analogy

[Deutscher Titel: Ein aus der Analogie des Wissensmarktes abgeleitetes Wissensmanagement-Modell für kleine Unternehmen]

Pi-Sheng Deng
Applying a Market-Based Approach to the Development of a Sharing-Enabled KM Model for Knowledge-Intensive Small Firms
Information Systems Management, Volume 25, Issue 2 March 2008 , pages 174 – 187

Abstract: In this paper, we draw on the knowledge market analogy and integrate the considerations of organizational culture and attributes, knowledge management (KM) guiding principles and continuous learning-based systems development into the design of a model for KM initiatives. This model has been implemented in a small medical consulting firm for its KM initiative. The successful implementation of this model indicates the possible applicability of our model to other knowledge-intensive small firms and the feasibility of applying the same concepts used in larger KM implementations to small companies. 

Keywords: knowledge components; knowledge intensive firms; knowledge management; knowledge market; continuous-learning model; sharing-enabled KMS development process 

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