Knowledge Management for Development Journal, 4 (1), 2008 – Special: Knowledge sharing and KM in Latin America & the Caribbean (Part 2)

[German title: Knowledge Management for Development Journal, 4 (1), 2008 – Sonderausgabe: Wissensteilung und -management in Lateinamerika und der Karibik (Teil 2)]

Editorial:Knowledge sharing and knowledge management in Latin America and the Caribbean (Part II)  
Margarita Salas, Kemly Camacho, Simone Staiger-Rivas, Camilo Villa, Julie E. Ferguson, Sarah Cummings  

Knowledge management and communication to address information access and power asymmetries for resource-poor producers in value chains.
Reinhild Bode, Dora P. Arevalo Valencia, Paola Andrea Victoria Muñoz  5-20

Challenges and key success factors to integrating learning and change in monitoring and evaluation of development projects.
Bertha Camacho Tuckermann  21-30

Gestión del conocimiento: aportes para una discusión Latinoamericana (Knowledge management: a discussion in Latin America)
Kemly Camacho Jiménez  31-41

Who Pays for Water? a case study of action learning in the islands of the Caribbean
Sarah McIntosh, Nicole Leotaud, Duncan Macqueen  42-48

Arando en el desierto: Poner el conocimiento del transporte rural en la agenda de desarrollo Latinoamericano (Cultivating the desert: Putting knowledge of rural transport on the agenda of Latin American development)
Ana B. Bravo H.  49-70

Developing a Regional Knowledge Centre in HIV/AIDS in Latin America and the Caribbean: a knowledge audit
Javier Hourcade-Bellocq, Taline Haytayan, Bertha Camacho Tuckermann

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