KM News & Resources links for 2008-04-16

  • a project funded under the Knowledge Technologies action line of the European Union’s Fifth Framework. It ran from September 2002 until November 2003.
    (tags: Projects)
  • Drei Fragen stehen im Vordergrund A) Wie funktionieren Web 2.0 und Social Software-Systeme? B) Wie passt die Organisation von Systemen wie Wikipedia mit klassischen Organisationsansätzen zusammen? C) Welches sind die Erfolgsfaktoren des Web 2.0? Wie kann
    (tags: Books Wikis)
  • das deutschsprachige Podcast-Wiki. Hier möchten wir Tipps, Tricks & Ideen sammeln, gemeinsame Projekte planen und nützliche Listen anlegen. Außerdem freuen wir uns natürlich über Beiträge
    (tags: Wikis)
  • a wiki of wikis, wiki people and wiki ideas. We are striving to help build community between people who use wikis by being a place to help new wiki folk find wiki communities they are interested in
    (tags: Wikis)
  • to provide the best available evidence and practical examples of health professionals successfully sharing and applying knowledge and experience to their daily activities.
    (tags: Portals)
  • Many organisations dedicated to poverty reduction have realised that this is not good enough. experimented with ways to improve their performance through learning since Peter Senge published his trailblazing book The Fifth Discipline: The Art and Practice
    (tags: Journals/Magazines Articles)
  • a WYSIWYG personal wiki notebook for organizing your notes and ideas. You don’t have to use any special markup codes or install any software. You simply start typing.
    (tags: Products Wikis)
  • Lösungsanbieter im Bereich Wissensmanagement mit einem praxiserprobten Dienstleistungsportfolio für Unternehmen und Verwaltung.
    (tags: Products Consultings)

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