KM News & Resources links for 2008-04-23

  • Das Praxishandbuch Wissensmanagement zeigt leserfreundlich Strategien und Fallbeispiele aus namhaften Unternehmen, Werkzeuge, Bausteine, Einzelverfahren, Controlling und Bewertung von Wissensmanagement und Intellectual Capital, Zusammenhänge zwischen Wis
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  • Diese Seite beschäftigt sich mit den Unterschieden in Modellierung, Beschreibung und Umsetzung von Wissensmanagement, die aus den grundsätzlich verschiedenen Perspektiven von Wissenschaft und Praxis resultieren.
    (tags: Portals)
  • Commons aims to create an interdisciplinary study of cooperation and collective action by: compiling and synthesizing current knowledge; mapping the outlines of the emerging field; convening meetings of the best minds in relevant disciplines, and; encoura
    (tags: Research Portals Weblogs)
  • Collaboration Software and Consulting for Organizational Learning, Innovation and Community
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  • to produce the theoretical foundations, and deployable technology for the Wiki-based, collaborative and community-driven development and maintenance of ontologies instance data and mappings, in order to make the vision of a Semantic Web for E-Commerce and
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  • This analysis explores in detail this new set of technologies and in particular, wikis; how they relate to past technologies and how they fit in to the knowledge practitioner’s tool belt.
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  • to make the knowledge lost in information available and usable. We pionereed a revolutionary approach to managing information and knowledge, dynamic taxonomies (also recently known as “faceted search”).
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