Knowledge Management on the internet

[Deutscher Titel: Wissensmanagement in Internet]

Bolisani, E. (Ed.)
Building the Knowledge Society on the Internet: Sharing and Exchanging Knowledge in Networked Environments.
Information Science Reference, 2008. 312 p., ISBN: 978-1-59904-816-1 (hkb)

Abstract: In today’s networked societies, a key factor of the social and economic success is the capability to exchange, transfer, and share knowledge. In the wide-ranging area of knowledge management, the issue of knowledge exchange in networked environments emerges in several application fields, and is treated with different approaches.
Building the Knowledge Society on the Internet: Sharing and Exchanging Knowledge in Networked Environments proposes a vast panorama of research on the topic while presenting a variety of viewpoints, approaches, and indications of the shared elements intended as the foundations of an emerging and fascinating multidisciplinary field.

Editor: Ettore Bolisani, Universita di Padova, Italy
Ettore Bolisani received a degree in Electronic Engineering (“Laurea”) and a Ph.D. in Innovation Studies at the University of Padua (Italy). He is Associate Professor at the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Padua. Prior to this position, he was Assistant Professor at the University of Trieste (Italy) and, in 1997, research fellow at PREST (University of Manchester – UK), where he conducted a research project funded by the European Commission on the developments of Electronic Commerce. His research centres on technology assessment and technology management, with an emphasis on Information and Communication Technologies. He has worked in several research projects funded by the European Union, by Italian public institutions, and private organisations as well.. His current research interest focuses on the economic implications of Knowledge Management and Electronic Commerce. On such topic he published various articles in international journals and chapters in books and was editor of Special Issues.

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