VINE: The journal of information and knowledge management systems, 38 (1), 2008

Author(s): Michael Stankosky

Moving from knowledge to wisdom, from ordinary consciousness to extraordinary consciousness
Alex Bennet, David Bennet (pp. 7-15)

  • Keywords: Consciousness, Tacit knowledge
  • ArticleType: Research paper

University approach to knowledge management
Natalya Tikhomirova, Anatoly Gritsenko, Alexander Pechenkin (pp. 16-21)

  • Keywords: E-learning, Knowledge management, Quality management, Russia
  • ArticleType: Research paper

The changing face of KM
Niall Sinclair (pp. 22-29)

  • Keywords: Knowledge management, Social networks
  • ArticleType: Research paper

Analysis of The New Knowledge Management: guidelines to evaluate KM frameworks
Luiz Fernando de Barros Campos (pp. 30-41)

  • Keywords: Intellectual capital, Knowledge Management
  • ArticleType: Research paper

DSpace@IBSA: knowledge sharing in a management institute
Gayatri Doctor, Smitha Ramachandran (pp. 42-52)

  • Keywords: India, Intellectual capital, Knowledge sharing
  • ArticleType: Research paper

Exploring the contextual dimensions of organization from knowledge management perspective
Jafari, Mohammad Fathian, Alireza Jahani, Peyman Akhavan (pp. 53-71)

  • Keywords: Factor analysis, Iran, Knowledge Management
  • ArticleType: Research paper

Engaging tacit knowledge in support of organizational learning
David Bennet, Alex Bennet (pp. 72-94)

  • Keywords: Knowledge management, Learning organizations, Tacit knowledge
  • ArticleType: Research paper

Using an applied learning centre as a vehicle for culture change
Joyce Riedinger (pp. 95-103)

  • Keywords: Action learning, Knowledge management
  • ArticleType: Research paper

Exploring the role of Ba in family business context
Malin Brännback, Alan Carsrud, William D. Schulte (pp. 104-117)

  • Keywords: Family firms, Knowledge management
  • ArticleType: Research paper

Knowledge capture within the biopharmaceutical clinical trials environment
Martin Grossman, Stephen Bates (pp. 118-132)

  • Keywords: Drugs, Knowledge management, Pharmaceuticals industry, Trials
  • ArticleType: Research paper

The relationship between improving the management of projects and the use of KM
Peter C. Lierni, Vincent M. Ribière (pp. 133-146)

  • Keywords: Knowledge management, Project management
  • ArticleType: Research paper

Book Review
Strategic Knowledge Management in Multinational Organizations
Author(s): Vittal S. Anantatmula

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