Again!? Culture ist the key to Knowledge Management

[Deutscher Titel: Nochmal/schon wieder!? Kultur ist der Schlüssel zum Wissensmanagement]

Ian Ziskin: People—not Technology—are the Drivers of Effective Knowledge Management
EMMA POMFRET, Accenture Research & Insights, 2008

Abstract: Ian Ziskin is corporate vice president and chief Human Resources and Administration officer at Northrop Grumman, a global aerospace and defense company. Ziskin says that increasingly corporations are viewing good knowledge management systems as strategic assets. The growing interest in these systems is fueled, he says, by three considerations:

  • Good systems allow a company to measure how effectively knowledge is being used and disseminated within the organization.
  • Good systems reduce the huge costs involved in gathering, disseminating and using knowledge.
  • Many companies are facing demographic challenges, as large proportions of their staff come up for retirement. The question here is how to capture the knowledge they have in their heads and transfer it to their successors.

A key pillar for an effective knowledge management system is to ensure that appropriate systems are in place to enable knowledge sharing to occur. However, Ziskin counsels against over-reliance on technology. The essential foundation for successful knowledge management is an organizational culture that encourages people to collaborate.
(This interview was selected from Chief Talent Officer. Published by Henley Media Group, London sponsored by Accenture.)

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