Decision Support Systems, 45 (2), 2008 – interesting articles

[Deutscher Titel: Decision Support Systems, 45 (2), 2008 – interessante Artikel]

Does knowledge reuse make a creative person more creative? 219-227
Pak-Keung Cheung, Patrick Y.K. Chau and Anson K.K. Au

  • Abstract: This paper examines the effect of the most common type of organizational knowledge management system, that is, an intranet-based knowledge repository, on the level of creative performance of an individual. An experiment was conducted on more than a hundred individuals to investigate the quantitative and qualitative levels of creativity outcomes on an open-ended business task. Their levels of baseline creativity skills were also measured in order to inspect its interaction with knowledge reuse. The results suggest that knowledge reuse resulting from this repository type of knowledge management system actually inhibits the creative performance of individuals, especially on the qualitative dimension.
  • Keywords: Knowledge reuse; Knowledge management; Knowledge management system (KMS); Creativity
  • DOI:

Knowledge discovery for adaptive negotiation agents in e-marketplaces 310-323
Raymond Y.K. Lau, Yuefeng Li, Dawei Song and Ron Chi Wai Kwok

  • Abstract: Intelligent software agents are promising in improving the effectiveness of e-marketplaces for e-commerce. Although a large amount of research has been conducted to develop negotiation protocols and mechanisms for e-marketplaces, existing negotiation mechanisms are weak in dealing with complex and dynamic negotiation spaces often found in e-commerce. This paper illustrates a novel knowledge discovery method and a probabilistic negotiation decision making mechanism to improve the performance of negotiation agents. Our preliminary experiments show that the probabilistic negotiation agents empowered by knowledge discovery mechanisms are more effective and efficient than the Pareto optimal negotiation agents in simulated e-marketplaces.
  • Keywords: Knowledge discovery; Bayesian learning; Adaptive negotiation agents; e-marketplaces
  • DOI:

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