International Journal of Knowledge Management Studies, 2 (2), 2008

163 – 174 Knowledge acquisition and documentation for the development of a KBE system for automated FE analysis
Martyn Pinfold, Craig Chapman, Steve Preston

175 – 197 Eliciting Knowledge Management research themes and issues: results from a Focus Group study
Ivy Chan, Patrick Y.K. Chau

198 – 213 Designing intelligent healthcare organisations with KM and ICT
A. Dwivedi, N. Wickramasinghe, R.K. Bali, R.N.G. Naguib

214 – 235 Organisational knowledge creation: a knowledge market efficiency perspective
Shih-Chieh Fang, Hwan-Yann Su

236 – 247 Storytelling as a means to acquire and share knowledge in project-based companies
Kaj U. Koskinen

248 – 266 Improving corporate knowledge: a case study in China
Kaushik V. Pandya, Edwin S.W. Hon

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