[Journal] Call for Papers: Measuring and Managing Knowledge Assets Dynamics

[Deutscher Titel: [Journal] Aufruf für Artikel-Beiträge: Die Dynamik von Wissensgütern messen und managen]

Call for Papers
Special Issue of Knowledge Management Research & Practice
“Measuring and Managing Knowledge Assets Dynamics”

Deadline for Submission of Papers: 15 November 2008

Guest Editor: Professor Giovanni Schiuma, Director – Center for Value Management, University of Basilicata

This special issue of KMRP, to appear in 2009, will focus on the approaches, methodologies, tools and techniques for measuring and managing organizational knowledge assets dynamics. The aim of this special issue is to investigate the understanding of the links between the assessment of knowledge assets dynamics and the improvement of organisational performance and company’s value creation. Measuring and managing knowledge assets has become a cornerstone of the development of new business models and a remarkable topic on the research agenda.
Traditionally companies have measured economic, financial and operational performances, while they have disregarded the intangible and knowledge dimensions of their business. As a result the value incorporated in a company as well as the company’s capability to create value have been usually underestimated. Nowadays, successful companies are those that continuously innovate, take advantage of new technologies and utilise the skills and know-how of their employees, rather than those companies that leverage their physical assets. In this context, knowledge assets represent the key value drivers in global business. They need to be assessed and managed. In particular, the assessment of knowledge assets plays a fundamental role in global business both to manage the value creation capabilities and to disclose and communicate the value of the company’s components.
Recently, a number of theoretical and practitioner contributions have been produced stressing the strategic importance as well as the role of knowledge assets as key value drivers for a company’s competitiveness. However only a few contributions have investigated the mechanisms by which these assets take part in achieving performance objectives and, more generally, in the company’s value creation. This represents a major shortcoming since managers and decision-makers show an increasing awareness that organizational performance depends on the development and management of knowledge assets, as well as a growing need of better understanding how to identify, assess, combine, manage and deploy organisational knowledge assets in order to improve the most critical company’s performance and, as a result, to support the company’s value creation dynamics.
In such a prospect, more studies are needed for disclosing and assessing, according to a strategic as well as a managerial point of view, how knowledge assets cluster, take part and mutually interact in creating value. More insights are required about both the relationships linking knowledge assets to organizational performance and the dynamics at the base of the translation of knowledge assets into value.
This Special Issue aims to provide contributions about the improvement and the refinement of approaches, methodologies, tools and techniques for measuring and managing organizational knowledge assets dynamics. In particular, the issue aims to provide a substantial contribution to the area in terms of theory, methodology and application, to replicate, support and challenge existing studies as well as to offer new applications of existing theory and approaches to drive organisations towards a better measurement and management of knowledge assets dynamics to support
organisational performance improvements.

Academics and researchers interested in this research theme are encouraged to submit a paper for evaluation. In addition, selected papers from the IFKAD 2008 conference will also be included.

Potential topics
We welcome papers related to the theme from a range of perspectives; potential topics include, but are not restricted to:

  • Conceptual understanding of knowledge assets dynamics;
  • Knowledge assets measurement and management in creating sustainable business models;
  • Knowledge asset dynamics and strategy planning;
  • Mapping knowledge asset dynamics;
  • Analytical approaches for disclosing knowledge assets dynamics, amongst them being modelling and simulation, decision support systems, performance evaluation, statistical analysis;
  • Approaches, models and tools for assessing and managing knowledge assets;
  • Approaches, tools and techniques for measuring the benefits of knowledge assets management;
  • Lessons learnt and case studies.

Key dates

  • Deadline for Submission of Papers: 15 November 2008
  • Publication KMRP Volume 7, Issue 4, November 2009

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