Journal of Management Studies, 45 (4), 2008 (Special: Inter-organizational Knowledge Transfer)

[Deutscher Titel: Journal of Management Studies, 45 (4), 2008 (Spezial: Inierorganisationaler Wissenstransfer)]

Inter-Organizational Knowledge Transfer: Current Themes and Future Prospects
Mark Easterby-Smith, Marjorie A. Lyles and Eric W. K. Tsang
pages 677–690

Trustworthiness, Risk, and the Transfer of Tacit and Explicit Knowledge Between Alliance Partners
Manuel Becerra, Randi Lunnan and Lars Huemer
pages 691–713

Effectiveness and Efficiency of Cross-Border Knowledge Transfer: An Empirical Examination
Liliana Pérez-Nordtvedt, Ben L. Kedia, Deepak K. Datta and Abdul A. Rasheed
pages 714–744

Transformation Networks in Innovation Alliances – The Development of Volvo C70
Sigvald J. Harryson, Rafal Dudkowski and Alexander Stern
pages 745–773

Learning to Build a Supply Network: An Exploration of Dynamic Business Models
Katy J. Mason and Sheena Leek
pages 774–799

Heterogeneity and Specificity of Inter-Firm Knowledge Flows in Innovation Networks
Alessia Sammarra and Lucio Biggiero
pages 800–829

Inter- and Intra-Organizational Knowledge Transfer: A Meta-Analytic Review and Assessment of its Antecedents and Consequences
Raymond van Wijk, Justin J. P. Jansen and Marjorie A. Lyles
pages 830–853

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