KMWorld Magazine, 17 (5), 2008


Enterprise Portal MARKET Overview 2008
For the portal marketplace, 2007 was a remarkable year. Much happened with the large infrastructure vendors, including massive, virus-like adoption of Microsoft SharePoint and product innovation from IBM, with hyped integration with Google Gadgets.
– by Janus Boye

Aligning KM investments with critical business initiatives
In September 2007, AMR Research conducted a detailed survey of 350 IT and business leaders across all industry sectors in the United States, United Kingdom and Germany to better understand spending plans, adoption, growth and business drivers for knowledge management (KM) platforms and applications. Here is a look back at the data through the lens of a possibly tighter economic environment.
– by Jim Murphy

Laying the groundwork for federated records management
The case for federated records management (RM) is strong—leave records in their native repositories, but manage them centrally. That way, the records do not need to be physically moved into a single location, yet a single set of retention rules can be applied. Records are “virtualized” so that they all appear to be within the federated records management application, from which they can be searched, placed on hold, or acted on in other ways.
– by Judith Lamont

E-learning: options for delivery
Learning doesn’t stop when people graduate from college, and, in fact, an individual’s most relevant knowledge acquisition often begins when he or she enters the work force. Knowledge developed on the job or in preparation for a job change can give a worker a competitive edge and can benefit the employer through increased performance levels. One of the most convenient delivery formats for adult learners is e-learning, which is usually available “anytime, anywhere.”
– by Judith Lamont

KM World Best Practices Award 2008
Florida community college excels at BPM
– by Judith Lamont

Records Management Market Spotlight:

  • Open Text
  • TOWER Software


HP to acquire Tower Software
Boosts e-discovery, compliance capabilities

Small business CRM
StreetSmart Version 2

Extending collaboration
Open Text launches new initiative


Now, everything is fragmented
– by Dave Snowden

When double standards work
I’m sorry if you’re the guy who says things like “I’m totally in favor of equality for women. That’s why I don’t see why we have to give them special breaks” when it comes to promotions or hires. Or maybe it’s not women.
– by David Weinberger

Google solves problem, sees opportunities
Google’s engineers devised a system and method to operate a “smart” shuttle service for its employees.
– by Stephen E. Arnold


The Future of the Future:
Out of Africa: the next billion minds
Human civilization began in Africa. My tribe got out early, more than 50,000 years ago. I guess that explains why I’m always among the first to leave a party. According to genetic ancestry researcher Spencer Wells, my haplogroup, M168, crossed the Arabian Peninsula and proceeded to populate the other five continents. A haplogroup is a large clan of people who share a common ancestor, as indicated by a unique genetic marker.
– by Art Murray

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