Knowledge Management Introduction

[Deutscher Titel: Einführung ins Wissensmanagement]

Vernon Prior
Knowledge Management: Getting Started
FUMSI, May 2008 

Abstract: Knowledge is a blend of experience, values, information in context, and insight that forms a basis on which to build new experiences and information. It is the value added by people that transforms information into knowledge. Or, as Peter Drucker (1) puts it: ‘Information only becomes knowledge in the hands of someone who knows what to do with it’.
Knowledge management is the process of identifying, collecting, preserving and transforming information into knowledge that is readily accessible in order to foster innovation and improve the performance of the organisation. It is based on the assumption that the potential for sustained improvement exists in the knowledge derived from people, processes, designs and ideas within the organisation. Knowledge management also implies the creation of a culture and structure that promotes information sharing and learning.

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