KM News & Resources links for 2008-05-09

  • an online community designed exclusively for the knowledge professionals so that they can interact and network with each other. Kprofessionals or knowledge professionals are the individuals working in the new age knowledge based economy. Specifically, pro
    (tags: Consultings DiscussionGroups Jobs Education/Training)
  • This guidebook zeros in on what indigenous knowledge can contribute to a sustainable development strategy that accounts for the potential of the local environment and the experience and wisdom of the indigenous population.
    (tags: Books)
  • passionate about transforming the way people learn. Tapping into the huge potential offered by digital and other technologies, we develop innovative resources and practices that support new approaches to learning for the 21st century.
    (tags: EDU_Societies/Assoc. Edu_Weblogs Edu_Books Edu_Events Edu_Journals/Magazines Edu_Podcasts Edu_Videos Edu_Articles)

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