The Intranet for Knowledge Management

[Deutscher Titel: Das Intranet für Wissensmanagement]

U.R. Averweg
Developing an intranet towards knowledge sharing: a practitioner-based inquiry
South African Journal of Information Management, Vol 10(1) March 2008

Abstract: The intranet is a common feature in many organizations. With the increasing use of a technology infrastructure in organizations, there is a continued challenge for employees in an organization to contribute their knowledge willingly and to make use of knowledge sharing with other employees. Intranets are well-suited for use as a strategic tool in knowledge sharing due to their ability to support the distribution, connectivity and publishing of data and information. Intranets should be seen as integral to an organization’s knowledge management strategy and should be tailored to suit and enhance an organization’s knowledge-sharing activities. The question arises: To what extent does an organization’s existing intranet facilitate knowledge sharing? From a practitioner-based inquiry perspective, this question was explored by the selection of a large organization – eThekwini Municipality, Durban, South Africa – as the field of application. Derived from a mixed methodology approach, the results of a survey are presented. It is suggested that encouragement be given for more practitioner-based inquiry research.

Key words: Intranet technology, knowledge, knowledge management, knowledge sharing, practitioner research

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