Chinese Management Studies, 2 (2), 2008 (Special issue: China’s emerging knowledge economy)

[Deutscher Titel: Chinese Management Studies, 2 (2), 2008 (Spezialausgabe: Chinas aufkommende Wissensökonomie ]

Knowledge: emergence, utilization and archival
Author(s): Check Teck Foo

Guest editorial
Managing the emerging knowledge economy inside China
Author(s): John Humphreys

Spillover effect of FDI on China’s knowledge creation
Jianhong Qi, Hong Li (pp. 86-96)

  • Keywords: China, Econometrics, International investments, Knowledge creation, Knowledge economy
  • ArticleType: Research paper

Knowledge sharing in Chinese construction project teams and its affecting factors: An empirical study
Zhenzhong Ma, Liyun Qi, Keyi Wang (pp. 97-108)

  • Keywords: China, Explicit knowledge, Knowledge sharing, Tacit knowledge, Trust
  • ArticleType: Research paper

The culture relativity in the knowledge flow: An integrative framework in the Chinese context
Xin Qing (pp. 109-121)

  • Keywords: China, Knowledge management, Knowledge transfer, National cultures
  • ArticleType: Research paper

Managing for “creativity”: MBAs and the transfer of creativity?
Loong Wong (pp. 122-141)

  • Keywords: China, Economic development, Education, Knowledge creation, Knowledge economy, Master of business administration
  • ArticleType: Conceptual paper

Does foreign strategic investment transfer management knowledge to local Chinese banks?
Fengming Qin, Yang Liu (pp. 142-152)

  • Keywords: China, Commercial banks, International investments, Knowledge transfer, Strategic alliances
  • ArticleType: Case study

Organizational context and knowledge transfer of a high-tech MNC: A balanced approach to successful European-Asian cooperation
Helmut Kasper, Jürgen Mühlbacher (pp. 153-163)

  • Keywords: Knowledge management, Knowledge transfer, Multinational companies, Organizational structures
  • ArticleType: Case study

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