[Conference] Call for Contributions: ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE, KNOWLEDGE ENGINEERING and DATA BASES, February 2009, Cambridge, UK

[Deutscher Titel: [Konferenz] Aufruf für Beiträge: ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE, KNOWLEDGE ENGINEERING and DATA BASES, Februar 2009, Cambridge, GB]

AIKED’09 – International Conference on ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE, KNOWLEDGE ENGINEERING and DATA BASES, February 21-23, 2009, Cambridge, UK

Deadline for Paper Submission: December 31, 2008

The World Conference of WSEAS on ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE, KNOWLEDGE ENGINEERING and DATA BASES is the internationally recognized Forum for the dissemination of the latest advances on Artificial and Computational Intelligence Knowledge Mining, Knowledge management, Data Bases, Software Tools, Man-Machine Systems, Cybernetics etc as well as their impact and their interaction with other areas of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and Engineering.

Call for Papers
The organizing committee calls you to submit your papers, special sessions and tutorials.


A) Artificial Intelligence:
Neural Networks (n.n.), Mathematical foundation, supervised and unsepervised learning, algorithms, implementation, neurobiology and neurosciences, time series analysis, n.n. applications in all branches of electrical engineering and computer science. Fuzzy (f.) Systems (fuzzy logic, f. mathematics (f.sets, f.geometry, f.analysis, f.control, f.optimization), f.languages, f.automata, f. algorithms, f.information theory, f.expert systems, f.operational research, f.database mining, forecasting and information retrieval, f.internet computing, f.discrete event systems, f. multimedia, f.applications in all branches of electrical engineering and computer science.

B) Knowledge Engineering and Data Bases:
Information and Knowledge Engineering, Information Retrieval Systems, Image Processing, Knowledge and Information Management Techniques, Data Mining Techniques, Knowledge and Information Extraction and Discovery Techniques, Database Engineering and Systems, Knowledge Delivery Methods, Document Processing, Data Security, Knowledge Life Cycle, Business Architectures, Formal and Visual Specification Languages, Software Tools and Support, Performance Evaluation Techniques, Clustering Techniques, Web Technology and Systems for Information and Knowledge Based Applications, Web-Based Design and Development, Data Warehouses, Workflow Management, Service Recovery / Fault-Tolerance, Large-Scale Information Processing Methods, Data and Knowledge Processing, Video Databases, Distributed Databases, Information and Knowledge Structures, Information Quality (Quality Metrics), E-Libraries (Digital Libraries), Intelligent Knowledge-Based Systems, Agent-Based Techniques and Systems, Content Management, Information Reliability and Security, Modeling and Simulation, Decision Support Systems, Expert Systems, Aspect-Oriented Programming, Re-usability of Software/Knowledge/Information, Privacy Issues, Interoperability Issues, Transaction Processing Systems, Object-Oriented Modeling and Systems, Hardware and Software Architectures, Knowledge Classification Tools, Case-Based Reasoning, Bayesian Techniques, Managing Copyright Laws, Digital Watermarking, Data/Information/Knowledge Models, Applications (e-Commerce, Multimedia, Business, Banking, …) OCR, Electronic Publishing, Artistic Imaging, Digital Typography, Geographic Information Systems, Data Fusion, Algorithms, Data Base and Data Mining, Wireless Networks, Parallel and Network Computing, Routing, Sorting and Clustering, Interconnection Networks, Routing and Scheduling, Compilers, Architecture and Systems, Routing Algorithms, Sorting and Routing Special Topics

Deadline for Paper Submission: December 31, 2008

For more Information go to the conference website.

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