Five correlated barriers to knowledge flow in healthcare industry corporations

[Deutscher Titel: Fünf miteinander verbundene Hindernisse für einen Wissensfluss in Unternehmen der Gesundheistsbranche]

Chinho Lin, Bertram Tan and Shofang Chang
An exploratory model of knowledge flow barriers within healthcare organizations
Information & Management, Volume 45, Issue 5, July 2008, Pages 331-339

Abstract: Healthcare today is mainly knowledge-based and the diffusion of medical knowledge is imperative for proper treatment of patients. Our study of the industry explored barriers to knowledge flow using a Cultural Historical Activity Theory framework. Our work was exploratory and qualitative in nature, and consisted of three phases: in-depth interviews to explore medical knowledge flow barriers resulting in a model; a case study using a survey approach to test and modify the model; and a Delphi study to validate the generalizability of the model.
We concluded that knowledge flow experienced five barriers: knowledge source, knowledge receiver, knowledge transfer, knowledge flow context, and the organizational context. Furthermore, these were correlated.

Keywords: Knowledge flow barrier; Medical knowledge; Cultural historical activity theory (CHAT); Qualitative approach; Case study

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