International Journal of Business Information Systems, 3 (6), 2008 (Special Issue on: Knowledge Management)

[Deutscher Titel: International Journal of Business Information Systems, 3 (6), 2008 (Spezialausgabe: Wissensmanagement)]

Special Issue on: Knowledge Management
Guest Editor: Dr. Amit Mitra



572 – 586 Revisiting knowledge warehousing: theoretical foundations
Alexeis Garcia-Perez, Amit Mitra

587 – 608 Knowledge maps and organisations: an overview and interpretation
Jin Tong, Amit Mitra

609 – 623 How to use KM effectively in a European context: the case of BCT in Romania
Elena Marilena Porumb, Farhad Analoui

624 – 636 Motives for and modes of interfirm technological cooperation: an empirical study of China’s high-technology SMEs
Dan Chen, Azhdar Karami

637 – 651 The IT professional and knowledge management: researching the Irish perspective
John G. McCarthy, Fergal McGrath

652 – 667 Knowledge management within information security: the case of Barings Bank
Shalini Kesar

668 – 685 Capturing tacit knowledge across different domains: Knowledge Community (K-Comm)
Naresh Kumar Agarwal, Danny C.C. Poo

686 – 697 Tacit knowledge, organisational memory: expectations and experiences in developing a knowledge warehouse
Amit Mitra, Laura Campoy

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