International Journal of Nuclear Knowledge Management, 3 (1), 2008

1 – 5 Nuclear knowledge development in Armenia
A.A. Gevorgyan

6 – 16 Training programmes for the systems approach to nuclear security
Dori Ellis, John Matter, Ruth Duggan

17 – 27 The use of library and information services by Ghanaian nuclear scientists
E.A. Agyeman, E.E. Badu

28 – 36 Nuclear physics education in Turkey
F. Oner

37 – 40 The Alsos Digital Library for Nuclear Issues
F.A. Settle, E.R. Blackmer, T.P. Whaley

41 – 49 Contribution to preservation and management of nuclear knowledge on WWER reactor pressure vessels
L. Debarberis, A. Zeman, M. Brumovsky, V. Slugen, M. Miklos

50 – 58 Implementation of the Regulatory Authority Information System in Egypt
S.D. Carson, R. Schetnan, A. Hasan, Y.T. Mohamed

59 – 72 Fault-tolerant power supply for safety significant nuclear instrumentation and control
S. Das, B.B. Biswas

73 – 81 How mentoring programmes can address the emerging knowledge management crisis at US federal regulatory agencies as the US faces a nuclear renaissance
Darrell Norman Burrell, Asila Safi

82 – 97 A situation assessment approach using support vector machines as a learning tool
Jie Lu, Bo Liu, Guangquan Zhang, Zhifeng Hao, Yanshan Xiao

98 – 113 Authorship and subject pattern of scientific technical reports from Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, India
T. Swarna, V.L. Kalyane, Ujwala Aroskar, Vijai Kumar

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