KM News & Resources links for 2008-06-05

  • a review of the OeNB’s intellectual capital and its use in the OeNB’s business processes and services. The report clarifies the relationships between different types of human, relational, structural and innovation capital and describes various determi
    (tags: Companies Case-Studies)
  • (7/06) We first heard about the “Wissensbilanz” in the Autumn of last year. As a service company whose most important asset is the knowledge and efforts of our employees, we very quickly decided to create a “Wissensbilanz” for the company.
    (tags: Companies Case-Studies)
  • Wir erstellen gemeinsam mit Ihnen Ihre Wissensbilanz.
    (tags: Consultings Products)
  • Was verändert sich, wenn Schüler und Lehrer mit einem mobilen Gerät arbeiten und kommunizieren, wenn sie Textverarbeitung, Computeralgebra-, und Präsentationssysteme verwenden? Wird der Unterricht besser? Lernen die Schüler mehr?
    (tags: Edu_Weblogs Edu_Articles)
  • This special issue focuses on trends, pressures, and evolutions shaping the future of education in all its forms, with particular consideration of the role of information technologies in creating that future.
    (tags: Edu_Journals/Magazines Edu_Articles)

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