KnowledgeBoard Newsletter #150, 6/2008

Note: unfortunately no longer exists. However some of the content is still available via the WayBackMachine

KnowledgeBoard #150 – 04 June 2008 – Your Global KM Community

Editor’s Note
Louise Druce


Cultivating a knowledge eco-system
Knowledge shouldn’t be simply confined to a central repository if you want it to be effective, says MindTree’s Raj Datta. I find out more about his holistic approach to KM.

Pervasive business intelligence
Dan Graham takes a look at how pervasive BI can deliver data warehouse insights to everyone in the enterprise, not just an elite group of knowledge workers.

Searching for a solution to the great data challenge
As data reserves grow by the day, the ability to effectively locate relevant information is fast becoming an essential component of any modern business – no matter how knowledge-rich a company may be.

Why change management is critical to Web 2.0 success
There is a certain degree of organisational readiness that needs to be achieved in order to successfully deploy and absorb the changes associated with implementing social software.


New Blog Spot!
Bringing you some of the most interesting and entertaining knowledge management articles from blogs on the web, mingled with contributions from our own members.

Human behaviour in business schools
Should business schools be allowed to teach human behaviour as a subject? Ashutosh Bose gives his thoughts.

Need of knowledge management system in large organisation
Waleed Younus asks how a large organisation might go about giving good reasons for a knowledge management system.


The New Dynamics of Strategy, 10 Jun 2008, London, UK

ISPIM 2008 Conference, 15-18 Jun 2008, Tours, France

4th Annual Text Analytics Summit, 16-17 Jun 2008, Boston, US

IBF24, 18-19 Jun 2008, Worldwide

KC UK 2008, 25-26 Jun 2008, London, UK

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