Sociologia Ruralis, 48 (3), 2008 (Special Issue on Rural Sustainable Development in the Era of Knowledge Society)

[Deutscher Titel: Sociologia Ruralis, 48 (3), 2008 (Spezialausgabe: Dauerhafte ländliche Entwicklung im Zeitalter der Wissensgesellschaft)]

Introduction: Rural Sustainable Development in the Knowledge Society Era
Hilary Tovey 185–199

Knowledge, Food and Place. A Way of Producing, a Way of Knowing
Maria Fonte 200–222

Knowledge Dynamics in Valorising Local Nature
Rosemarie Siebert, Lutz Laschewski and Axel Dosch 223–239

The Battlefield for (Sustainable) Rural Development: The Case of Lake Plastiras, Central Greece
Alex Koutsouris 240–256

Knowledge Dynamics and Sustainability in Rural Livelihood Strategies: Two Case Studies from Hungary
Eszter Kelemen, Boldizsár Megyesi and Ildikó Nagy Kalamász 257–273

LEADER and Innovation
Lorna Dargan and Mark Shucksmith 274–291

Knowledge, Power and Sustainability in Contemporary Rural Europe
Bernadett Csurgó, Imre Kovách and Eva Kučerová 292–312

Knowledge in Sustainable Rural Development: From Forms of Knowledge to Knowledge Processes
Karl Bruckmeier and Hilary Tovey 313–329

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