The most influential articles on the topics of knowledge management and organizational learning

[Deutscher Titel: Die einflussreichsten Artikel zu den Themen Wissensmanagement und organisationales Lernen]

Starbuck, W. H. (Ed.)
Organizational Learning And Knowledge Management. Vol. 1-3.
Edward Elgar (The International Library of Critical Writings on Business and Management series, volume 7), 2008, 704 p.; ISBN: 978 1 84542 861 7 (hkb)

Abstract: For this three-volume set the editors have selected many of the most influential articles published since 1984 on the topics of knowledge management and the improvement of organizational learning, developmental learning by individual organizations and the development of populations of organizations.
Many of the articles in Volume I are trailblazers in the field of knowledge management; they discuss ways of fostering learning, managing knowledge and extracting economic benefits from knowledge. Volume II investigates how individual organizations learn: topics covered include cognitive versus behavioural learning, interpretation, incremental change and reorientation, and learning from success and failure. Volume III follows the development of the academic study of populations of organizations: it explores both behavioural and cognitive learning processes from the point of view of industries, geographic neighbourhoods and networks.
New, authoritative introductions to each volume by the editors offer a comprehensive overview and informative discussion of the issues.
76 articles, dating from 1984 to 2005 Contributors include: L. Argote, G. Carroll, D. Epple, P. Ingram, A. Inkpen, D. Levinthal, P. Maskell, D. Miller, K. Weick, S. Winter

Editor: William H. Starbuck, Professor in Residence, University of Oregon, US

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