APQC Knowledge Management Newsletter, 7/2008

– by Carla o’Dell
As most of you know, APQC is known for tackling the tough questions in knowledge management. This month’s KM newsletter is no exception—in it, we address three topics that are central to understanding where KM is now and where it’s heading: …

Why Is the KM Experience Different in Europe?
– By Larry Prusak A KMEdge.org Exclusive
During a recent trip to Europe, Larry Prusak found some time to consider why Europeans have a different attitude toward knowledge management and how the U.S. could benefit from adopting aspects of this mindset.

KM Best Practices: Comparing Apples to Apples
– By Carla O’Dell
“Taxonomy is one of ‘those’ words. There’s just something about it that causes people’s eyes to glaze over. But even if you never throw out the word at a cocktail party or executive meeting, it doesn’t mean KM professionals should avoid the power such a classification system can provide when working to identify, create and distribute knowledge.”

Is KM Dying?
– By Steve Denning A KMEdge.org Exclusive
During the Q&A panel at the Knowledge and Content UK conference in London in June, someone asked (inevitably!): is KM dying? In this blog post, Steve Denning discusses the health of KM and how we can protect it from extinction.

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