How organizations can drive value from their knowledge by making nontechnical changes

[Deutscher Titel: Wie Organisationen mit nicht-technischen Veränderungen aus ihrem Wissen Wert schöpfen]

Gemma Rogers, Nick Semple
Knowledge Management is Not Just About Technology
DM Direct, July 25, 2008

Abstract: Today’s organizations recognize the importance of using organizational knowledge to generate business value, whether through increased innovation or efficiency in operations. Effectively managing the organization’s knowledge has become a strategic priority for IT. According to a survey conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit, almost two-thirds of executives believe that knowledge management and business intelligence (BI) tools are the most important technology underpinning their company’s goals.
The term “knowledge,” for the purposes of this article, covers everything from data (raw inputs from the business environment) to information (raw data organized in meaningful ways) to expertise and insights (the meaning derived from applying information in a particular context).
Most organizations have implemented a knowledge management improvement project of some sort. Few have achieved their desired outcomes, however. Two-thirds of executives complain that they are unable to turn the large volumes of data in their IT systems into information that they can act on.
This article explores how organizations can drive value from their knowledge by making nontechnical changes to their business, supported by case studies from organizations that have successfully done just that.

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