IEEE Intelligent Systems, 23 (3), 2008 – interesting articles

[Deutscher Titel: IEEE Intelligent Systems, 23 (3), 2008 – interessante Artikel]

IEEE Intelligent Systems, May/June 2008 (Vol. 23, No. 3)

Semantic Web Update

  • Toward a New Generation of Semantic Web Applications pp. 20-28
  • Interlinking the Social Web with Semantics pp. 29-40
  • The Semantic Web: Apotheosis of Annotation, but What Are Its Semantics? pp. 41-49
  • Games with a Purpose for the Semantic Web pp. 50-60
  • Building a Pragmatic Semantic Web pp. 61-68

The Semantic Web

  • Collaborative Semantic Authoring pp. 80-83

Robert R. Hoffman, David Ziebell, Stephen M. Fiore, Irma Becerra-Fernandez,
“Knowledge Management Revisited,”
IEEE Intelligent Systems, vol. 23, no. 3, pp. 84-88, May/Jun, 2008

  • Abstract: A number of social, economic, technological, and scientific trends have led to the emergence of communities of practice centered on the notion of the knowledge-based organization. Workforce mobility and its implications for transfer of expertise have made knowledge management a hot topic ever since this HCC department last discussed it. The authors point to new areas of application that the commercial enterprises of KM software solutions and knowledge networking might explore. Furthermore, the scientific foundations of knowledge elicitation methodology must be expanded in scope and capability. In discussing issues of knowledge finding, knowledge elicitation, mentoring, and costing, the authors ask whether each is a matter of building intelligent technologies or of using technology intelligently.
  • Index Terms – workforce issues, expertise, knowledge management, knowledge-based organization, knowledge elicitation, knowledge capture, tacit knowledge, mentoring, sociometry, expert locator systems, knowledge management software systems

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