Knowledge and Process Management, 15 (3), 2008

Business process management as a tool for intellectual capital management (p 159-169)
Paula Kujansivu, Antti Lönnqvist

A DEA-based method to enhance intellectual capital management (p 170-183)
Domenico Campisi, Roberta Costa

Innovations and knowledge management in emerging markets (p 184-185)
Rajesh K. Pillania

A comparative analysis of knowledge sharing climate (p 186-195)
Kripa Shanker Gupta

Moving cultures and the creation of new knowledge and dynamic capabilities in emerging markets (p 196-202)
Jianzhong Hong, Aino Kianto, Kalevi Kyläheiko

Information technology strategy for knowledge management in Indian automotive components SMEs (p 203-210)
Rajesh K. Pillania

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