KM News & Resources links for 2008-07-09

  • In this issue of the LEISA Magazine we look at how knowledge about LEISA concepts is currently generated, shared and used by a variety of people working towards improved livelihoods in rural areas.
    (tags: Journals/Magazines Articles Case-Studies)
  • With our semantic software we simplify and improve the discovery and creation of corporate knowledge.
    (tags: Products)
  • The intent of this wiki page is to give you direct access to a variety of useful information on the growing topic of Web 2.0…especially related to the enterprise.
    (tags: Wikis)
  • Join this wiki to collaborate and share ideas on new technology in your classroom. Add your experiences, videos, lesson plans and find advice from other educators.
    (tags: Edu_Wikis)
  • helps students overcome procrastination, control online distractions (e.g.: YouTube, Facebook, Instant Messaging), and stay on track with homework assignments.
    (tags: Edu_Products)
  • Eine systematische Informationsselektion und -speicherung glauben auch große Schulen sich – von Ausnahmen abgesehen – immer noch nicht für ihr Arbeitsfeld leisten zu müssen.
    (tags: Edu_Weblogs Edu_Articles)

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