Knowledge Management to bring schools together

Hartman, N.
Integrating Knowledge Management in Education: Evaluating Current Organizational Congruence, Knowledge Management and Behavioral Alignment in Large School Districts.
Vdm Verlag Dr. Müller, 2008. 328 p., ISBN-10: 3639038304 (pbk), ISBN-13: 978-3639038309 (pbk)

Abstract: Assessment of teacher behavioral alignment in relation to organizational congruence is extremely limited in the educational arena; add in the implementation of knowledge management, and research is nonexistent. While there is a plethora of literature and research on individual elements which combine to make both behavioral alignment and knowledge management, there is nothing currently available that attempts to measure the relationship between these two superseding organizational elements. It was the purpose of this case study to establish baseline criteria/questions for studying the issue of the overarching relationship between knowledge management and behavioral alignment in order to achieve organizational congruence within the educational arena. Interviews involved teachers, site administrators, and district administrators within three separate school districts. While the study could not completely verify the need or desire for technology-based knowledge management processes, it was able to identify the need for some type of management process that has the ability to bring schools which are currently loosely-coupled together to achieve overarching district-level goals.

Author: A fifteen-year veteran educator, Dr. Hartman (Ph.D., MLIS, MCIED) has worked for the Department of Defense Dependents schools in both Japan and Germany. As founder of Educational Efficiency Advocates (, she advocates the use of basic efficiency principles and knowledge management practices in large school districts.

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