McKinsey Survey on Enterprise 2.0

[Deutscher Titel: Umfrage von McKinsey zu Unternehmen 2.0]

Building the Web 2.0 Enterprise: McKinsey Global Survey Results
The McKinsey Quarterly, July 2008

Abstract: Companies are using more Web 2.0 tools and technologies than they were last year, sometimes for more complex business purposes, according to McKinsey’s second annual survey on Web 2.0. Companies that are satisfied with their use of these tools are starting to see changes throughout the enterprise.

Article at a glance:

  • Companies have adopted more Web 2.0 tools this year than in 2007 and are using them for higher-value purposes, according to McKinsey’s second annual survey on the business use of Web 2.0 technologies.
  • Some 21 percent of the respondents are very satisfied with the way their companies use Web 2.0 tools, which are changing management practices and even organizational structures.
  • Other companies report that the barriers to adopting Web 2.0 tools include management’s inability to grasp their potential financial returns, unresponsive corporate cultures, and less-than-enthusiastic leadership.

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    McKinsey Web 2.0 Enterprise Research – Surprises?
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    Wie steht es um die Web 2.0 Unternehmen?
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    Building the Web 2.0 Enterprise
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  2. Successor:

    Jacques Bughin and Michael Chui
    The rise of the networked enterprise: Web 2.0 finds its payday
    McKinsey Quarterly, December 2010

    McKinsey’s new survey research finds that companies using the Web intensively gain greater market share and higher margins.


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