A knowledge-based concept and RFID technology for dispersed manufacturing networks

[Deutscher Titel: Ein wissensbasiertes Konzept und RFID-Technologie für verteilte Fertigungsnetzwerke]

Annie C.Y. Lam, S.K. Kwok, W.B. Lee
Design of a knowledge-based virtual asset management system in dispersed manufacturing
International Journal of Value Chain Management 2008 – Vol. 2, No.4 pp. 468 – 486

Abstract: The paper proposes a knowledge-based virtual asset management system to help manufacturers with virtual production operations management in a dispersed manufacturing network. The architecture of the proposed system is built using rule-based reasoning, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and production cost minimisation model. The customised production cost minimisation model helps manufacturers select suitable subcontracted manufacturers during the reconfiguration of dispersed manufacturing network. Furthermore, through adopting the knowledge-based concept and RFID technology, the proposed system is capable of discovering potential asset problems among the dispersed production entities. The system architecture and managerial implication are discussed.

Keywords: virtual asset management; dispersed manufacturing networks; subcontracting; subcontractor selection; virtual production management; virtual operations management; rule-based reasoning; radio frequency identification; RFID; production costs; cost minimisation; manufacturing subcontractors; knowledge-based systems; KBS.

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