actKM Awards 2008 – Nominate public sector organisations for their knowledge work

[Deutscher Titel: actKM Preis 2008 – nominieren Sie Organisationen des öffentlichen Sektors für ihre Wissensarbeit]

actKM Awards 2008 – Call for Nominations
As usual, the Annual actKM Awards will feature at this year’s conference.
Currently, we are seeking nominations for all categories. If you know of any public sector organisation that should be recognised for their knowledge work, please nominate them by following the nomination process, available on our Awards page, or have a look at our Awards Flyer.
The actKM Awards are presented annually to Public Sector organisations that have achieved significant improvements in organisational capability, performance or sustainability through the application of knowledge-based projects or activities.
More information is available on our Awards page. Also take the time to look at past winners of Awards in 2007, 2005, 2004 and 2003.

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