Advances in Developing Human Resources, 10 (4), 2008

Thomas N. Garavan and Alma McCarthy
Collective Learning Processes and Human Resource Development 451-471.

Noreen Heraty and Michael Morley
Dimensionalizing the Architecture of Organization-Led Learning: A Framework for Collective Practice 472-493.

Eugene Sadler-Smith
The Role of Intuition in Collective Learning and the Development of Shared Meaning 494-508.

Alma McCarthy and Thomas N. Garavan
Team Learning and Metacognition: A Neglected Area of HRD Research and Practice 509-524.

Kenneth Mølbjerg Jørgensen and Hanne Dauer Keller
The Contribution of Communities of Practice to Human Resource Development: Learning as Negotiating Identity 525-540.

Alexandre Ardichvili
Learning and Knowledge Sharing in Virtual Communities of Practice: Motivators, Barriers, and Enablers 541-554.

Julia Storberg-Walker
Wenger’s Communities of Practice Revisited: A (Failed?) Exercise in Applied Communities of Practice Theory-Building Research 555-577.

Claire Gubbins and Sarah MacCurtain
Understanding the Dynamics of Collective Learning: The Role of Trust and Social Capital 578-599.

Christine Cross and Claire Armstrong
Understanding the Role of Networks in Collective Learning Processes: The Experiences of Women 600-613.

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