Detecon Management Report, 1/2008 (Web 3.0)

Who? how? what? He who do…
Web 3.0 technologies make efficient knowledge managemen…
Dr. Eckart Pech
Time travel…
…into the web of tomorrow: ubiquitous and less intrusive
Falk Wöhler-Moorhoff
Multimillion Dollar Babe
The Semantic Web Promises a Wealth of Application Poten…
Arkadiusz Skiba, Miriam Mertens, Rolf Kuppler
Customer, take control!
The participative web facilitates new models of work di…
Frank Arndt, Steffen Scheller
The Art of Combination
Semantics deliver added value to Business Intelligence…
Dr. Christoph Tempich, Ralph Hiob, Thomas
Helping for the CFO
Making Decisions here and now

Dr. Christoph Tempich, Dr. Volker Rieger
Networked instead of linaer
How companies are utilizing the industrialization of kn…

Falk Schröder, Guy Alain Djopmo Komguep
High-Altitude Flight
tude FlightThe ICT industry embraces new paths for value creation

George Salisbury, Sebastian Krems
“Eye 8 a been 4 t”
Semantic Web developments are increasing the pressure o…

Hilmar Woyczechowski
Using all senses
Multimodal interaction brings the World Wide Web closer…

Dr. Andreas Zeuch
The Island and the Ocean:…
Essay: Web 3.0 isn’t a crystal ball either

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