International Journal of Knowledge Management, 4 (4), 2008

What is Knowledge Sharing from the Informer’s Perspective? Pages: pp. 1-20
Ford, Dianne P.; Staples, D. Sandy

Do Organizational Memory and Information Technology Interact to Affect Organizational Information Needs and Provision? Pages: pp. 21-39
El Louadi, Mohamed; Tounsi, Imen

Validating Distinct Knowledge Assets: A Capability Perspective Pages: pp. 40-61
Freeze, Ron; Kulkarni, Uday

The Role of Situated Embodied Interaction in the Banking Customer Knowledge Creation Process Pages: pp. 62-76
Värlander, Sara

Managing Knowledge with Technology: Current Trends in Local Government Pages: pp. 77-89
Handzic, Meliha; Lagumdzija, Amila; Celjo, Amer

Can Soft Systems Methodology Identify Socio-Technical Barriers to Knowledge Sharing and Management?: A Case Study from the UK National Health Service Pages: pp. 90-111
Gillies, Alan C.; Galloway, Jeanette

Socio-Technical Knowledge Management: Studies and Initiatives Pages: pp. 112-114
Jennex, Murray E.

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