Journal of Workplace Learning, 20 (5), 2008

Sara Cervai, Tauno Kekäle

The impact of developmental relationships on the learning of practice competence for new graduates
Catherine Lombardozzi, Andrea Casey (pp. 297-315)

  • Keywords: Interpersonal relations, Learning methods, Mentoring, Workplace learning
  • ArticleType: Research paper

The pitfalls of collegial coaching: An analysis of collegial coaching in medical education and its influence on stimulating reflection and performance of novice clinical teachers
Karin J.P. Truijen, Marianne van Woerkom (pp. 316-326)

  • Keywords: Coaching, Medical schools, Teachers, The Netherlands
  • ArticleType: Case study

Organizational socialization of women in the Italian Army: Learning processes and proactive tactics
Milena Atzori, Luigi Lombardi, Franco Fraccaroli, Adalgisa Battistelli, Sara Zaniboni (pp. 327-347)

  • Keywords: Armed forces, Italy, Learning organizations, Socialization, Women
  • ArticleType: Research paper

Psychosocial factors as predictors of mentoring among nurses in southwestern Nigeria
Samuel O. Salami (pp. 348-363)

  • Keywords: Demographics, Emotional intelligence, Mentoring, Nigeria, Nurses, Self esteem
  • ArticleType: Research paper

Cross-disciplinary contributions to e-learning design: a tripartite design model
Holly M. Hutchins, Dennis Hutchison (pp. 364-380)

  • Keywords: Curriculum development, Design, E-learning, Emergent strategy
  • ArticleType: Conceptual paper

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