KM News & Resources links for 2008-08-19

  • is a high-engagement social venture program for emerging young social entrepreneurs in developing countries.
    (tags: Edu_Projects)
  • Reflections and Debate: On Human Improvement, Visionary Works, and the Cult of the Amateur with Walt Mossberg (Personal Technology Editor, The Wall Street Journal), David Weinberger, and Andrew Keen
    (tags: Videos)
  • …the breakdown of the established order of ordering. He explains how methods of categorization designed for physical objects fail when we can instead put things in multiple categoreis at once, and search them in many ways.
    (tags: Videos)
  • there is fresh international interest in the growth and development paradigm that bears within it the idea of “knowledge societies”. We are witnessing the emergence of a need for clarification of its aims as a project of society. This is the challenge that the UNESCO World Report intends to address on the eve of decisive international meetings.
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  • Auf Let's Brain können Sie in Gruppen ganz leicht kreativ zusammen arbeiten, von überall und zu jeder Zeit!
    (tags: Products)
  • fördert die Denkfähigkeit, Kreativität und Handlungskompetenz junger Menschen und unterstützt sie Projekte nachhaltig und innovativ zu realisieren. Die Initiative soll jungen Menschen helfen sich selbstbewusst für die Arbeits- und Lebenswelt im Rahmen der Globalisierung vorzubereiten.
    (tags: Edu_Projects)

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