Knowledge transfer performance in the medical industry

[Deutscher Titel: Wissenstransferleistungsfähigkeit in der medizinischen Industrie]

Han-Wen Tuan    
Investigation of enablers of knowledge transfer in the medical industry
International Journal of Electronic Healthcare 2008 – Vol. 4, No.2  pp. 132 – 152

Abstract: This paper presents a research model for investigating the relationship between organisational enablers and the Knowledge Transfer (KT) Performance (KTP) in the medical industry. The enablers include leadership, organisational culture, Information Technology (IT) and individual performance measurement, and KTP is determined by individual capability, organisational capability and product/service innovation. This paper chose professional medical personnel as the research subject to determine whether or not these enablers affect KT. The findings show that only leadership directly affects the KTP, with IT also impacting both organisational capability and product/service innovation. The implications of these findings are discussed based on interviews with experts and practitioners.

Keywords: e-healthcare; organisational enablers; knowledge transfer performance; KTP; medical industry; electronic healthcare; leadership; organisational culture; information technology; performance measurement; individual capability; organisational capability; innovation.

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