KnowledgeBoard Newsletter #152, 8/2008

Note: unfortunately no longer exists. However some of the content is still available via the WayBackMachine

KnowledgeBoard 152 – 06 August 2008 – Your Global KM Community


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Knowledge transfer is just one of the many facets of KM but one that’s been lacking any real, professional accreditation. The Institute of Knowledge Transfer has been launched to tackle this so I take a look at its plans in ‘Setting the standards in knowledge transfer’.
In ‘Using patterns to capture and communicate knowledge’, software expert Allan Kelly also looks at an area of KM that can slip under the radar but prove vital in implementing IT. However, sometimes companies can get so overwhelmed with information, knowing how to access the most relevant can actually help you drill deeper into your business, as I touch on in ‘Top tools for content management’.
Finally, as this month is all about breaking KM down, Adecco Institute MD Donna Murphy asks ‘Do you know where your knowledge is?’ and what just one part of a firm, HR, can do about it.
And don’t forget to check out our exclusive blog from the CEO of, Shashi Kadapa, who looks at why KM can be a lot like fast food.

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The knowledge audit challenge
KnowledgeBoard is looking for a knowledge audit expert who would be willing to provide their services as part of an ongoing series of articles looking at key stages of the process in an SME. Interested? Please email me at


Setting the standards in knowledge transfer
Knowledge transfer has been around for years but has been lacking professional standards in the UK – something the Institute of Knowledge Transfer is hoping to change, as Louise Druce discovers.

Using patterns to capture and communicate knowledge
Software engineers have been aware of patterns in knowledge management for some time, so why is so little known about it outside the community? Kelly explains more about this useful technique.

Do you know where your knowledge is?
Donna Murphy, managing director of thought leadership researcher Adecco Institute, discusses how knowledge management is seriously lacking in UK organisations and what HR can do about it.

Access all areas: Top tools for content management
Companies can get so overwhelmed with surface information, it becomes harder to single out what is going to prove most valuable. Louise Druce looks at some of the top access tools emerging on the market.


Blog spot: The fast food approach to KM
Is knowledge becoming ready-packed for quick consumption?

Employee resistance
Samantha Levesley asks is there are any academic theories for an organisation’s culture being the reason for resistance to change.

Communications and KM
Guy Benchimol looks at the functions KM should enable via SNA and asks how the community considers working on these principles.


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