The challenges confronting communities of practice

[Deutscher Titel: Die Herausforderungen, denen Praxisgemeinschaften begegnen]

Steven J. Kerno, Jr
Limitations of Communities of Practice: A Consideration of Unresolved Issues and Difficulties in the Approach
Journal of Leadership & Organizational Studies, Vol. 15, No. 1, 69-78 (2008)

Abstract: Communities of practice are becoming increasingly common on the organizational landscape. Organizations are simultaneously incorporating communities of practice into internal knowledge management systems and spanning elements from the external environment. However, the literature has tended to favor the positive outcomes with the approach. This article explores potential challenges confronting communities of practice so that organizations may better manage conditions crucial to their success. Perspectives of time constraints, organizational hierarchies, and regional culture are highlighted, and propositions bearing consideration when implementing a community of practice are stated. A discussion section ends this article.

Key Words: knowledge management • organizational learning • communities of practice • organizational hierarchy • time poverty

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