[Conference] Call for Papers: International Conference on Knowledge Economy, October 2009, Pretoria, South Africa

[Deutscher Titel: [Konferenz] Aufruf für Artikel-Beiträge: International Conference on Knowledge Economy, Oktober 2009, Pretoria, Südafrika]


Abstract submission deadline: 30 November 2009
Extended abstract submission deadline: end of January 2009

The emergence of economies based on the production, distribution, use of knowledge and information was charted by the OECD (1996) in the report “The Knowledge Economy”. Economies are more and more becoming reliant upon an effective gathering and utilization of knowledge and the creation and sharing of knowledge is rapid in the new economy. OECD suggests that innovation has changed from a linear model to a non linear and more complex relationship-based model. Discovery and innovation are no longer a process of fixed linear sequence of phases but is the result of numerous actions of many players. The promise of the knowledge economy has attracted the interest of national governments both in advanced industries and developing economies. Innovation intensive industries such as biotechnology, ICTs and super –semiconductors are the foundations of the new economy.
The knowledge based economy is also associated with software production, multi-media and other products based on intellectual capital. In the KBE context the significance of knowledge transfer, knowledge management, organizational learning and intellectual capital increase immeasurably. Building networks, promoting lifelong learning, identifying gaps, and promoting investment in knowledge–based enterprises become essential preconditions for establishing the business model in the new economy.
In 2007 The South African Department of Science and Technology launched its Strategy Towards Knowledge Based Economy. This conference is in support of this strategy as it plans to bring international Experts, Industry, Business and Civil Society to converge in South Africa to discuss dynamics of knowledge management and Knowledge Society in the Knowledge Economy. The aim is to provide information and knowledge that will assist the country as it moves towards Knowledge Economy and the Role that can be played by institutions of higher learning, industry, civil society and government in general.
It is against this background that the South African National Centre for Informatics Knowledge Management and Knowledge Economy (SANCIKMKE) is organizing this important conference.
Government Departments in general and in particular: Department of Trade and Industry, Department of Science and Technology, Department of Education and the Department of Communication are especially invited to participate and support this planned international event. Business and Industry Sector is invited to participate.


  • Knowledge Management
    • Science, Theory and Professionalism in Knowledge Management
    • Knowledge Transfer
    • Knowledge Continuity Programmes and Human resources shortage
    • Transforming Knowledge into Products and Business development
    • Intellectual Capital Management and IP management
    • Effective Knowledge Management Systems
    • Knowledge Management Best Practice
    • Building Knowledge Sharing Culture in a Corporate and Industry environment
    • Developing Knowledge Management Expertise in Third World Countries
    • Information and Knowledge Societies
    • Legal Framework in Knowledge Management
  • Knowledge Economy
    • Science and Theory of Knowledge Economy
    • Knowledge Based Business Enterprise
    • Entrepreneurship in Knowledge Based Economy
    • Old Economy, Knowledge Based Economy and the New Economy
    • Business Models of the Knowledge Economy
    • Education Sector in the Knowledge Economy
    • Knowledge Society in Knowledge Economy
    • Legal Frame work in Knowledge Economy
    • Principles of Economic Growth in the Knowledge Economy
    • Institutions, Expertise and Skills in the Knowledge Economy
    • Public Policy for Knowledge Economy

For more information go to the conference website.

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