International Journal of Learning and Intellectual Capital, 5 (2), 2008 (Special: IC Reporting and KM: a European Perspective)

[Deutscher Titel: International Journal of Learning and Intellectual Capital, 5 (2), 2008 (Berichterstattung über das intellektuelle Kapital und Wissensmanagement: eine europäische Perspektive]

Special Issue on Intellectual Capital Reporting and Knowledge Management: a European Perspective (Guest Editors: Dr. Rongbin W.B. Lee, Dr. Miltiadis D. Lytras and Dr. Patricia Ordóñez de Pablos)


106 – 122 Developing intellectual capital and innovativeness through knowledge management
Klara Nelson, Joseph E. McCann

123 – 152 Fostering intellectual capital through communication technologies: an analysis of knowledge-sharing determinants
Cataldo Dino Ruta, Ubaldo Macchitella

153 – 171 Anglo-Saxon change in a non-Anglo-Saxon cultural context: lessons from TQM application in Greek public organisations
Alexandros G. Psychogios, Nikos Michalopoulos, Leslie T. Szamosi

172 – 185 Retention management as a means of protecting tacit knowledge in an organisation: a conceptual framework for professional services firms
Vlad Vaiman

186 – 207 The market for technological intangibles: a conceptual framework for commercial transactions
Vittorio Chiesa, Raffaella Manzini, Emanuele Pizzurno

208 – 222 Addressing individual and organisational factors influencing middle managers’ synthesising role in knowledge creation and diffusion
Alexandros G. Psychogios, Konstantinos Alexandris, Andra Onofrei

223 – 240 The translation of higher-level knowledge into different levels of managerial and creative competencies
Hammad Akbar, Yehuda Baruch, Nikolaos Tzokas

241 – 258 Collective leadership and social logics: a new strategic change management challenge
Emmanuelle Avon

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